A fruitful story
for over 25 years.

It all started in 1991, in Fundão. In a vision that knew how to look down and see a soil capable of growing small fruits with a great flavour. In a country that, despite having a favorable climatic environment, didn’t exactly consume these fruits at the time.

Almost all production started by going across borders, but we always believed that, sooner or later, the name BeiraBaga would also enter Portuguese homes.
The quality of our fruit quickly paid off.

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Our vision

Considering things, living with joy is the purpose of our day. It’s not an art that has to make use of great deeds, but an everyday life inspired by small attitudes. The small choices we make have great repercussions in the life we take.

To smile, laugh, listen, eat a healthy meal, play, walk, bake a fruit cake with the kids, to say a word in favour of a friend, a hug, a natural juice in favor of our immunity, to enjoy the colors of nature. How often do we feel that these are the ingredients that make us truly happy?

We do our part: small fruits with great antioxidant power, which so many benefits bring to our lives.

Our mission

BeiraBaga’s mission is not just “to produce”. It is to motivate.
Motivate small changes that improve the day-to-day. We live by the rhythm of small fruits, cultivating, harvesting, preserving and distributing with care and quality these delicate and yet powerful foods.

We do it because, little by little, each one of them has a great impact on improving our health and quality of life, entering in a delightfully simple way through the recipes, snacks, breakfasts, juices and desserts of our everyday life.

May the quality of what we do always be at the service of the quality of life.

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